Yinghaogen Tuhao -25kg
  • Product introduction
A man of great wealth

Features and efficacy:This product is made of peanut bran enzymatic hydrolysis solution, alginic acid, humic acid, amino acid and trace elements such as zinc, manganese, boron, molybdenum and other components by high-tech refining。Unique and significant effect:
1, balance and supplement organic nutrition, so that fruit and vegetable flavor。
2, improve the absorption rate of inorganic elements, avoid water loss。
3, loose soil, prevent compaction, maintain good soil water retention and ventilation。

4, greatly activated soil microorganisms, so that the root group vigorous growth。

How to use:
Add water 200-400 times irrigation, can be micro-spray and spray, can not drip irrigation。Mixed with inorganic fertilizer, the effect is better 。

Product Specifications: 25 kg/barrel

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