Fuyou Fresh -1000ml
  • Product introduction

Fuyouxian (also known as: transpiration inhibitor, liquid protective film, plant universal water)

Product features:The main ingredient is high-quality microcrystalline wax, which is one of the raw materials of beauty cosmetics。Microcrystalline wax particles are fine, only half of the skin and leaf pores。After the use of Fuyou fresh in crops, can quickly form a dense breathable protective film, can effectively control plant water evaporation and respiratory consumption, and does not affect the normal photosynthesis and plant physiological function。

Use effect:Reduce water evaporation, prevent germs from invading, keep warm, prevent cracking, prevent deformity, increase leaf and fruit luster, improve quality。

Special purpose:The headache problem of resistant red spider and scale shell insect is difficult to kill, and use Fuyou fresh 600 times to add the medicine to kill red spider and spray the medicine to kill the insect, and the lasting period is more than 2 months。

How to use:Tissue culture seedlings were transplanted with 100 times the plant.300 times spray before transplanting;Prevention and treatment add 500 times spray to enhance and prolong the efficacy;Winterization increases protection of wax film with 300-500 times spray

Product Specifications: (1000ml *10 bottles) (500ml *20 bottles)

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