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Release Date:2022-02-24
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Opinions of the CPC Central Committee and The State Council on Completing the Key Work of Comprehensively Promoting Rural Revitalization in 2022

(January 4, 2022)


  Work on agriculture, rural areas and farmers will be completed in 2022,要以习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想为指导,We will fully implement the principles of the 19th National Congress and all its plenary sessions,We thoroughly implemented the guiding principles of the Central Economic Work Conference,Adhere to the general principle of seeking progress while maintaining stability,Based on the new development stage, implement the new development concept, build a new development pattern, and promote high-quality development,Promote common prosperity,We will uphold and strengthen the Party's overall leadership over work related to agriculture, rural areas and farmers,We will firmly uphold the two bottom lines of ensuring national food security and preventing large-scale poverty,Highlight annual tasks, targeted measures, and results-oriented,Give full play to the leading role of rural grassroots party organizations,We will do key work in rural development, construction and governance in a solid and orderly manner,We made new progress in rural revitalization and took new steps in modernization of agriculture and rural areas。

  First, we will do our best to produce grain and supply important agricultural products 

  1. Keeping annual grain sown area and output stable。坚持中国人的饭碗任何时候都要牢牢端在自己手中,饭碗主要装中国粮,全面落实粮食安全党政同责,严格粮食安全责任制考核,确保粮食播种面积稳定、产量保持在1.More than 3 trillion pounds。主产区、主销区、产销平衡区都要保面积、保产量,不断提高主产区粮食综合生产能力,切实稳定和提高主销区粮食自给率,确保产销平衡区粮食基本自给。We will promote the development of national industrial belts for food security。We will vigorously carry out green, high-quality and efficient actions, deepen the quality grain project, and increase the yield and quality of grain per unit area。推进黄河流域农业深度节水控水,通过提升用水效率、发展旱作农业,稳定粮食播种面积。We should actively deal with the adverse effects of late sowing of wheat, strengthen field management in winter and spring, and promote the weak seedlings to become strong。

  2. Vigorously implement projects to increase production capacity of soybeans and oilseeds。We will increase subsidies for crop rotation and incentives for large oil-producing counties,Focus on supporting appropriate regions, key varieties, and business service subjects,In the Huang-Huai-hai, northwest and southwest regions, corn and soybean belt composite planting will be promoted,Grain and soybean crop rotation was carried out in Northeast China,Pilot projects of water conversion to drought and rice conversion to soybean were carried out in some groundwater over-extraction areas and well irrigation areas in cold areas of Heilongjiang Province,Developing idle winter fields and expanding rapeseed cultivation in Yangtze River basin。Demonstration of soybean planting on saline-alkali land was carried out。We will support efforts to expand the area for planting camellia oleifera and upgrade low-yielding forests。

  (3) Ensuring the supply of "vegetable basket" products。We will intensify efforts to implement the mayors' responsibility system。Long-term support policies to stabilize pig production, stabilize basic production capacity, and prevent production fluctuations。We will accelerate the expansion of beef, lamb and dairy production, and carry out pilot and demonstration projects to transform and upgrade grassland animal husbandry。We will stabilize the area of aquaculture and improve the quality of fishery development。稳定大中城市常年菜地保有量,大力推进北方设施蔬菜、南菜北运基地建设,提高蔬菜应急保供能力。We will improve the cotton price target policy。Explore the development of sugarcane full cost insurance and planting income insurance。We carried out pilot projects to renovate old natural rubber plantations。

  4) Ensuring farmers' income from grain production at a reasonable level。按照让农民种粮有利可图、让主产区抓粮有积极性的目标要求,健全农民种粮收益保障机制。2022年适当提高稻谷、小麦最低收购价,稳定玉米、大豆生产者补贴和稻谷补贴政策,实现三大粮食作物完全成本保险和种植收入保险主产省产粮大县全覆盖。We will increase incentives for major grain-producing counties and innovate cooperation mechanisms for grain-producing and marketing areas。We will support family farms, farmers' cooperatives, and leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization in growing more and better grain。Focus on key vulnerabilities and smallholder farmers,We will accelerate the development of socialized agricultural services,支持农业服务公司、农民合作社、农村集体经济组织、基层供销合作社等各类主体大力发展单环节、多环节、全程生产托管服务,Carry out order agriculture, processing logistics, product marketing, etc,Improve the overall efficiency of grain farming。

  5. Coordinated regulation and control of major agricultural products。健全农产品全产业链监测预警体系,推动建立统一的农产品供需信息发布制度,分类分品种加强调控和应急保障。We will deepen the reform of the supervision system and mechanism for the purchase and sale of grain, carry out special rectification, and strictly punish systemic corruption in accordance with the law。Strengthen the construction of smart grain depots, promote the combination of civil air defense techniques and defense, and strengthen the dynamic supervision of grain stocks。Strictly control the processing of fuel ethanol with corn as raw material。We will do a good job in the production of chemical fertilizers and other agricultural supplies, and ensure that supply and prices remain stable。坚持节约优先,落实粮食节约行动方案,深入推进产运储加消全链条节粮减损,强化粮食安全教育,反对食物浪费。

  Second, strengthen the basic support for modern agriculture 

  (6) Implement hard measures to protect cultivated land with "long teeth"。The Party and the government share the same responsibilities for farmland protection, and strictly adhere to the red line of 1.8 billion mu of arable land。According to the order of cultivated land and permanent basic farmland, ecological protection red line, urban development boundary,The three lines of control were delineated and implemented in a coordinated manner,The total amount of cultivated land and the position of the target and task of permanent basic farmland protection are broken down step by step,The central and local governments shall sign the target responsibility statement for cultivated land protection,As a rigid index to implement strict assessment, one vote veto, lifelong accountability。分类明确耕地用途,严格落实耕地利用优先序,耕地主要用于粮食和棉、油、糖、蔬菜等农产品及饲草饲料生产,永久基本农田重点用于粮食生产,高标准农田原则上全部用于粮食生产。Guide the new development of the forest and fruit industry uphill, encourage the use of "four famine" resources, and do not compete with grain land。落实和完善耕地占补平衡政策,建立补充耕地立项、实施、验收、管护全程监管机制,确保补充可长期稳定利用的耕地,实现补充耕地产能与所占耕地相当。We will improve the overall state management of inter-provincial supplementary cultivated land。We will intensify supervision over the law enforcement of cultivated land and strictly investigate and punish illegal use of cultivated land for non-agricultural construction。We will strengthen control over the use of cultivated land and strictly control the conversion of cultivated land into other agricultural land。We will consolidate and improve the safe use of polluted farmland。We will steadily and orderly carry out pilot projects to improve the indiscriminate use of rural farmland for building houses。Consolidate the results of the special clean-up and rectification of the problem of "greenhouses"。We will implement a system for reviewing and examining the transfer of industrial and commercial capital to rural land and preventing risks。

  7. Complete the phased task of building high-standard farmland。多渠道增加投入,2022年建设高标准农田1亿亩,累计建成高效节水灌溉面积4亿亩。Overall planning and simultaneous implementation of high-efficiency water-saving irrigation and high-standard farmland construction。All localities should intensify efforts to transform medium - and low-yielding fields and raise the level of cultivated land productivity。To study and formulate plans for increasing the irrigated area of farmland。We will implement water resources allocation projects for key water sources and major water diversion projects。加大大中型灌区续建配套与改造力度,在水土资源条件适宜地区规划新建一批现代化灌区,优先将大中型灌区建成高标准农田。We will further promote the state black land protection project。80 million mu of black land has been cultivated under conservation。积极挖掘潜力增加耕地,支持将符合条件的盐碱地等后备资源适度有序开发为耕地。To study and formulate plans and implementation plans for the comprehensive utilization of saline-alkali land。分类改造盐碱地,推动由主要治理盐碱地适应作物向更多选育耐盐碱植物适应盐碱地转变。We will support the development of national demonstration zones for agricultural high-tech industries in saline-alkali and arid and semi-arid areas。The third national soil survey was launched。

  8. Vigorously promote research on key agricultural core technologies such as seed sources。We will fully implement the action plan for revitalizing the seed industry。We will accelerate the survey and collection of agricultural germplasm resources and strengthen accurate identification and evaluation。We will promote the construction of major national innovation platforms in the seed industry。Major agricultural biological breeding projects will be launched。加快实施农业关键核心技术攻关工程,实行“揭榜挂帅”、“部省联动”等制度,开展长周期研发项目试点。We will strengthen the development of modern agricultural industrial technology systems。We will carry out trials of subsidies for the development and promotion of major varieties。贯彻落实种子法,实行实质性派生品种制度,强化种业知识产权保护,依法严厉打击套牌侵权等违法犯罪行为。

  (9) Improving the level of research and development and application of agricultural machinery and equipment。全面梳理短板弱项,加强农机装备工程化协同攻关,加快大马力机械、丘陵山区和设施园艺小型机械、高端智能机械研发制造并纳入国家重点研发计划予以长期稳定支持。We will implement subsidy policies for the purchase and application of agricultural machinery, and optimize the payment methods of subsidies。完善农机性能评价机制,推进补贴机具有进有出、优机优补,重点支持粮食烘干、履带式作业、玉米大豆带状复合种植、油菜籽收获等农机,推广大型复合智能农机。We will promote the upgrading of emission standards for new agricultural machinery。We will carry out trials to integrate research, development, manufacturing and application of agricultural machinery。

  10. Accelerating the development of facility agriculture。Facilities such as plastic greenhouses, solar greenhouses and multi-storey greenhouses will be developed according to local conditions。Focus on the construction of factory seedling facilities。We will encourage the development of new types of farming facilities such as factory intensive farming and three-dimensional ecological farming。Promote the development and application of facilities and equipment technologies such as the integration of water and fertilizer, feeding automation, and intelligent environmental control。On the basis of protecting the ecological environment, explore the use of vacant and abandoned land that can be developed to develop facility agriculture。

  11. Effectively preventing and responding to major agricultural disasters。We will increase capacity building and investment in agricultural disaster prevention, mitigation and relief。We will repair agricultural and water conservancy infrastructure damaged by floods, and strengthen the dredging of ditches and canals, as well as the construction and management of reservoirs and pumping stations。We will strengthen reserves of emergency supplies for flood control and drought relief。We will strengthen monitoring and early warning systems for agricultural, rural, water conservancy, and meteorological disasters, and enhance our ability to respond to extreme weather。加强基层动植物疫病防控体系建设,落实属地责任,配齐配强专业人员,实行定责定岗定人,确保非洲猪瘟、草地贪夜蛾等动植物重大疫病防控责有人负、活有人干、事有人管。Prevention and control of the source of zoonotic diseases。加强外来入侵物种防控管理,做好普查监测、入境检疫、国内防控,对已传入并造成严重危害的,要“一种一策”精准治理、有效灭除。Strengthen research on the impact of medium - and long-term climate change on agriculture。

  Third, we will resolutely uphold the bottom line of preventing large-scale return to poverty 

  12. Improving monitoring and support mechanisms。精准确定监测对象,将有返贫致贫风险和突发严重困难的农户纳入监测范围,简化工作流程,缩短认定时间。针对发现的因灾因病因疫等苗头性问题,及时落实社会救助、医疗保障等帮扶措施。Strengthen the implementation of monitoring and support responsibilities to ensure that there are no gaps in work and no gaps in policies。We will continue to carry out post-poverty evaluation work。

  13. Promoting a sustained increase in the incomes of people lifted out of poverty。推动脱贫地区更多依靠发展来巩固拓展脱贫攻坚成果,让脱贫群众生活更上一层楼。We will consolidate and improve industries with distinctive characteristics in areas that have been lifted out of poverty, improve the mechanism for connecting farmers with farmers, and increase the household income of people lifted out of poverty。逐步提高中央财政衔接推进乡村振兴补助资金用于产业发展的比重,重点支持帮扶产业补上技术、设施、营销等短板,强化龙头带动作用,促进产业提档升级。Consolidate the effectiveness of photovoltaic poverty alleviation projects, and develop the photovoltaic industry in areas where conditions are available for poverty alleviation。We will consolidate the responsibility of supporting employment and ensure a stable employment scale for the poverty-stricken workforce。We will deepen labor cooperation between the eastern and western regions and do a good job of transferring employment within the province。Continue to support the development of workshops preferential policies。Give play to the role of work instead of relief, and if conditions are met, the proportion of labor remuneration can be increased。We will make overall use of rural public welfare posts and implement dynamic management。Gradually adjust and optimize the ecological forest ranger policy。

  (14) Increase support for key rural revitalization counties and resettlement areas for resettlement in inhospitable areas。We will implement a number of projects to strengthen weak spots and promote development in key rural revitalization counties。编制国家乡村振兴重点帮扶县巩固拓展脱贫攻坚成果同乡村振兴有效衔接实施方案。做好国家乡村振兴重点帮扶县科技特派团选派,实行产业技术顾问制度,有计划开展教育、医疗干部人才组团式帮扶。We will establish and improve a monitoring and evaluation mechanism for the development of key counties for national rural revitalization。We will increase investment in credit funds and insurance guarantees for key counties in the national rural revitalization。完善易地搬迁集中安置区配套设施和公共服务,持续加大安置区产业培育力度,开展搬迁群众就业帮扶专项行动。落实搬迁群众户籍管理、合法权益保障、社会融入等工作举措,提升安置社区治理水平。

  15. Promoting effective implementation of policies to help poverty-stricken areas。To maintain the overall stability of major support policies, refine the implementation of various support policies during the transition period, and carry out policy effectiveness evaluation。We will expand cooperation between the eastern and western regions, and deepen pairing assistance to districts, counties, village enterprises, schools, and hospitals。在东西部协作和对口支援框架下,继续开展城乡建设用地增减挂钩节余指标跨省域调剂。We will continue to do a good job of providing fixed-point assistance to central government units。We will do a solid job in microfinance for people living out of poverty。We will create consumer support demonstration cities and production areas, and give play to the role of online sales platforms for agricultural and sideline products in poverty alleviation areas。

  Fourth, focus on industries to promote rural development 

  16. Continue to promote the integrated development of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries in rural areas。鼓励各地拓展农业多种功能、挖掘乡村多元价值,重点发展农产品加工、乡村休闲旅游、农村电商等产业。We will support major agricultural counties in focusing on the processing of agricultural products, and guide enterprises to develop grain and oil processing and food manufacturing in production areas。推进现代农业产业园和农业产业强镇建设,培育优势特色产业集群,继续支持创建一批国家农村产业融合发展示范园。We will implement a plan to improve rural leisure tourism。We will support the development of rural homestays and rural entertainment villages (sites) that are operated directly by or with the participation of farmers。Rural leisure tourism projects that meet the requirements will be included in the scope of science popularization bases and agricultural labor practice bases in primary and secondary schools。We will implement the project of "promoting agriculture through commerce" and promote e-commerce into rural areas。We will promote the standardized and healthy development of live streaming of agricultural and sideline products。开展农业品种培优、品质提升、品牌打造和标准化生产提升行动,推进食用农产品承诺达标合格证制度,完善全产业链质量安全追溯体系。We will accelerate the implementation of policies to ensure and standardize land use for the integrated development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries in rural areas。

  (17) Vigorously develop county industries to enrich the people。We will support large and medium-sized cities in spreading their industries to counties and guide the orderly and gradual transfer of industries。大力发展县域范围内比较优势明显、带动农业农村能力强、就业容量大的产业,推动形成“一县一业”发展格局。Strengthen innovation at the county level, and strengthen the integration of industrial chain and innovation chain。Accelerate the improvement of the county's industrial service functions, and promote the concentration of industries to the park and the strengthening and expansion of leading enterprises。引导具备条件的中心镇发展专业化中小微企业集聚区,推动重点村发展乡村作坊、家庭工场。

  (18) Strengthening the county business system。We will carry out a campaign to develop county-level businesses and promote the expansion, improvement and upgrading of rural consumption。加快农村物流快递网点布局,实施“快递进村”工程,鼓励发展“多站合一”的乡镇客货邮综合服务站、“一点多能”的村级寄递物流综合服务点,推进县乡村物流共同配送,促进农村客货邮融合发展。Support large circulation enterprises to sink supply chains focusing on county towns and central towns。We will accelerate the implementation of the "Internet Plus" project to bring agricultural products out of villages and into cities, and promote the establishment of long-term and stable production and marketing connections。推动冷链物流服务网络向农村延伸,整县推进农产品产地仓储保鲜冷链物流设施建设,促进合作联营、成网配套。We will support supply and marketing cooperatives in building and upgrading county-level circulation service networks and building county-level collection and distribution centers。

  19. Promoting local employment and entrepreneurship among farmers。We will implement policies to ensure stable employment for all types of farmers。We will leverage the role of large and medium-sized cities in driving employment。We will improve the quality of the citizenization of rural migrant workers in counties。鼓励发展共享用工、多渠道灵活就业,规范发展新就业形态,培育发展家政服务、物流配送、养老托育等生活性服务业。We will promote the construction of returnee business parks and implement various supporting policies。We will vigorously carry out skills training and training for new occupations and forms of business suitable for rural migrant workers。We will rationally guide rural migrant workers with flexible employment to participate in basic medical insurance for urban workers and basic old-age insurance for urban workers。

  20. Promoting green agricultural and rural development。加强农业面源污染综合治理,深入推进农业投入品减量化,加强畜禽粪污资源化利用,推进农膜科学使用回收,支持秸秆综合利用。We will establish a national pilot zone for green agricultural development。We will evaluate the green development of agriculture。Water system connectivity and the construction of beautiful villages will be carried out。实施生态保护修复重大工程,复苏河湖生态环境,加强天然林保护修复、草原休养生息。We will make scientific progress in greening the land。We will support the development of pastoral areas and increase the incomes of herdsmen, and implement the third round of subsidies and incentives for grassland ecological protection。Research and application of agricultural technology to reduce carbon and increase carbon sink, and explore the establishment of a value realization mechanism for carbon sink products。We will carry out major projects to protect biodiversity。We will consolidate the achievements of the Yangtze River fishing ban, strengthen resettlement guarantees for fishermen who retire from fishing, and strengthen regular law enforcement and supervision。Strengthen the conservation of aquatic organisms, regulate the proliferation and release。Establish a system of protected natural areas with national parks as the main body。We issued guidelines on promoting rural ecological revitalization。

  Fifth, we will steadily promote rural development 

  21. Improving the implementation mechanism for rural construction。落实乡村振兴为农民而兴、乡村建设为农民而建的要求,坚持自下而上、村民自治、农民参与,启动乡村建设行动实施方案,因地制宜、有力有序推进。Adhere to the quantity obey the quality, the progress obey the effect, seek good not fast, grasp the time and efficiency of rural construction。立足村庄现有基础开展乡村建设,不盲目拆旧村、建新村,不超越发展阶段搞大融资、大开发、大建设,避免无效投入造成浪费,防范村级债务风险。统筹城镇和村庄布局,科学确定村庄分类,加快推进有条件有需求的村庄编制村庄规划,严格规范村庄撤并。开展传统村落集中连片保护利用示范,健全传统村落监测评估、警示退出、撤并事前审查等机制。We will protect ethnic villages with special characteristics。Launch Operation to Save Old Houses。Promote simple approval of small village construction projects, standardize project management, and improve fund performance。总结推广村民自治组织、农村集体经济组织、农民群众参与乡村建设项目的有效做法。Clarify the property rights of rural construction projects, and organize the compilation of the responsibility list of village public infrastructure management and protection with the county as the unit。

  (22) Continued the five-year campaign to improve rural living environment。从农民实际需求出发推进农村改厕,具备条件的地方可推广水冲卫生厕所,统筹做好供水保障和污水处理;不具备条件的可建设卫生旱厕。Consolidate the results of the rectification of household toilet problems。分区分类推进农村生活污水治理,优先治理人口集中村庄,不适宜集中处理的推进小型化生态化治理和污水资源化利用。We will accelerate efforts to control black and odorous water bodies in rural areas。推进生活垃圾源头分类减量,加强村庄有机废弃物综合处置利用设施建设,推进就地利用处理。We will continue to carry out village cleaning and landscaping campaigns。

  23. Solid development of rural infrastructure in key areas。有序推进乡镇通三级及以上等级公路、较大人口规模自然村(组)通硬化路,实施农村公路安全生命防护工程和危桥改造。We will steadily carry out trials to reform the management and maintenance system for rural roads。We will steadily promote automated monitoring of road conditions in rural areas。We will promote the construction and renovation of rural water supply projects and improve purification and disinfection facilities。We will deepen efforts to consolidate and upgrade rural power grids。We will promote the development of clean energy such as photovoltaic and biomass energy in rural areas。实施农房质量安全提升工程,继续实施农村危房改造和抗震改造,完善农村房屋建设标准规范。We will strengthen the regulation of potential safety hazards in rural self-built houses used for business。

  24. Vigorously promote the construction of digital villages。We will promote the development of smart agriculture, and promote the integrated application of information technology and agricultural machinery。Strengthen farmers' digital literacy and skills training。Rural public services will be empowered by digital technologies, and "Internet + government services" will be extended to rural areas。Focus on solving practical problems and expand the application scenarios of big data in agriculture and rural areas。加快推动数字乡村标准化建设,研究制定发展评价指标体系,持续开展数字乡村试点。We will strengthen the construction of rural information infrastructure。

  25. Strengthening overall planning for basic public services at county level。We will accelerate urbanization with county towns as an important carrier。加强普惠性、基础性、兜底性民生建设,推动基本公共服务供给由注重机构行政区域覆盖向注重常住人口服务覆盖转变。实施新一轮学前教育行动计划,多渠道加快农村普惠性学前教育资源建设,办好特殊教育。We made solid progress in building a community of urban and rural schools。深入推进紧密型县域医疗卫生共同体建设,实施医保按总额付费,加强监督考核,实现结余留用、合理超支分担。推动农村基层定点医疗机构医保信息化建设,强化智能监控全覆盖,加强医疗保障基金监管。We will implement the policy of subsidizing basic medical insurance for urban and rural residents for groups with special difficulties。有条件的地方可提供村卫生室运行经费补助,分类落实村医养老保障、医保等社会保障待遇。提升县级敬老院失能照护能力和乡镇敬老院集中供养水平,鼓励在有条件的村庄开展日间照料、老年食堂等服务。We will strengthen services for the convenience of the people and social work in towns and townships, and implement the project to upgrade comprehensive service facilities at the village level。We will improve the stratified and classified social assistance system and effectively guarantee the basic livelihood of rural people in need。Improve the care and contact system for grass-roots party members and cadres, and regularly visit empty nesters, left-behind children, and disabled people。We will improve the care and protection network for minors。

  6. Improving rural governance with effective results 

  26. Strengthening community-level organizations in rural areas。强化县级党委抓乡促村职责,深化乡镇管理体制改革,健全乡镇党委统一指挥和统筹协调机制,加强乡镇、村集中换届后领导班子建设,全面开展农村基层干部乡村振兴主题培训。Continue to investigate and rectify weak and lax village party organizations。Give full play to the role of the first secretary in the village and the work team in promoting rural revitalization through party building。完善村级重要事项、重大问题经村党组织研究讨论机制,全面落实“四议两公开”制度。深入开展市县巡察,强化基层监督,加强基层纪检监察组织与村务监督委员会的沟通协作、有效衔接,强化对村干部的监督。健全党组织领导的自治、法治、德治相结合的乡村治理体系,推行网格化管理、数字化赋能、精细化服务。We will promote the standardization of village committees。We will deepen trials and demonstrations of building a rural governance system。We will carry out innovative experiments in village-level consultation。推广村级组织依法自治事项、依法协助政府工作事项等清单制,规范村级组织机构牌子和证明事项,推行村级基础信息统计“一张表”制度,减轻村级组织负担。

  (27) Innovating effective platform carriers for the construction of rural spiritual civilization。依托新时代文明实践中心、县级融媒体中心等平台开展对象化分众化宣传教育,弘扬和践行社会主义核心价值观。In rural areas, we carried out innovative propaganda and education activities of "listening to the Party, feeling the Party's kindness, and following the Party"。We will explore specific ways to coordinate and promote the integrated development of spiritual civilization in urban and rural areas, and improve the national evaluation system for civilized towns and villages。We launched the rural revitalization program to empower the cultural industry。整合文化惠民活动资源,支持农民自发组织开展村歌、“村晚”、广场舞、趣味运动会等体现农耕农趣农味的文化体育活动。We will host the Chinese Farmers' Harvest Festival。We will strengthen the inheritance and protection of farming culture, and promote the protection and utilization of intangible cultural heritage and important agricultural cultural heritage。推广积分制等治理方式,有效发挥村规民约、家庭家教家风作用,推进农村婚俗改革试点和殡葬习俗改革,开展高价彩礼、大操大办等移风易俗重点领域突出问题专项治理。

  28. Ensuring social security and stability in rural areas。We will promote the development of safe and law-based villages at a higher level。Create a number of "Fengqiao type police stations" and "Fengqiao type people's courts"。Carry out regular anti-mafia campaigns and continue to crack down on "village bullies"。Prevent the erosion and influence of evil forces and family and clan forces on rural grass-roots political power。In accordance with the law, we will severely crack down on prostitution, gambling and drugs in rural areas and illegal and criminal activities that infringe upon the personal rights of rural women and children。We will strengthen publicity and education on the rule of law in rural areas。We will strengthen community-level social psychological services and crisis intervention, and establish a one-stop mechanism for resolving diverse conflicts and disputes。We will strengthen religious work in rural areas。统筹推进应急管理与乡村治理资源整合,加快推进农村应急广播主动发布终端建设,指导做好人员紧急转移避险工作。开展农村交通、消防、安全生产、自然灾害、食品药品安全等领域风险隐患排查和专项治理,依法严厉打击农村制售假冒伪劣农资、非法集资、电信诈骗等违法犯罪行为。We will strengthen the capacity building of comprehensive agricultural administrative law enforcement。Community-level medical and health institutions will be responsible for disease prevention and control。We will improve the system of regular prevention and control of COVID-19 in rural areas, and strictly implement joint prevention and control and mass prevention and control measures。

  Seventh, strengthen policy support and institutional innovation 

  29. Increasing investment in rural revitalization。继续把农业农村作为一般公共预算优先保障领域,中央预算内投资进一步向农业农村倾斜,压实地方政府投入责任。We will strengthen assessment and oversight, and steadily increase the proportion of revenue from land sales used for agriculture and rural areas。We will support local governments in issuing government bonds for use in qualified rural revitalization projects。We will improve the quality of reserve projects for rural revitalization。We will strengthen performance-based budget management and oversight。

  30. Strengthening financial services for rural revitalization。对机构法人在县域、业务在县域、资金主要用于乡村振兴的地方法人金融机构,加大支农支小再贷款、再贴现支持力度,实施更加优惠的存款准备金政策。We will support various financial institutions in exploring medium - and long-term credit models for agricultural and rural infrastructure。加快农村信用社改革,完善省(自治区)农村信用社联合社治理机制,稳妥化解风险。We will improve the statistical system for rural vitalization financial services, and carry out assessment and evaluation of financial institutions' services for rural vitalization。We will deepen the construction of the rural credit system and develop credit loans for rural households。We will strengthen rural financial literacy education and protect the rights and interests of financial consumers。We will actively develop agricultural insurance and reinsurance。We will improve the "insurance + futures" model。We will strengthen market-based risk sharing and compensation for agriculture-related credit, and give full play to the role of agricultural credit guarantee。

  31. Strengthening the development of personnel for rural revitalization。Discover and train strategic scientists in the field of agriculture。启动“神农英才”计划,加快培养科技领军人才、青年科技人才和高水平创新团队。We will thoroughly implement the system of special experts for science and technology。实施高素质农民培育计划、乡村产业振兴带头人培育“头雁”项目、乡村振兴青春建功行动、乡村振兴巾帼行动。落实艰苦边远地区基层事业单位公开招聘倾斜政策,对县以下基层专业技术人员开展职称评聘“定向评价、定向使用”工作,对中高级专业技术岗位实行总量控制、比例单列。We will improve the rural education system。We will improve the structure of disciplines and specialties, and support the operation of agriculture-related higher education institutions and vocational education。Training rural planning, design, construction, management professionals and local talents。Encourage local governments to introduce incentive policies for urban talents to go to the countryside to serve in rural revitalization。

  32. We will implement key tasks in rural reform。The second round of land contracts will be extended for another 30 years after the expiration of the county pilot。巩固提升农村集体产权制度改革成果,探索建立农村集体资产监督管理服务体系,探索新型农村集体经济发展路径。We will prudently carry forward the trial reform of the rural housing land system, and standardize the registration of the ownership of integrated housing land。We will steadily and orderly put rural collective for-profit construction land on the market。We will promote mortgage financing of the right to use collective for-profit construction land。Pilot projects for comprehensive land improvement were carried out in an orderly manner in accordance with the law and regulations。We will deepen the reform of the collective forest rights system。We will improve the management system for the right to use state-owned agricultural land for reclamation。We will carry out trials to standardize rural property rights transfer and trading markets。We formulated an implementation plan for deepening rural reform for a new stage。

  8. Uphold and strengthen the Party's overall leadership over the work of agriculture, rural areas and farmers 

  (33) Compaction comprehensively promotes the responsibility of rural revitalization。制定乡村振兴责任制实施办法,明确中央和国家机关各部门推进乡村振兴责任,强化五级书记抓乡村振兴责任。Provincial-level party and government leaders and leading cadres will be evaluated for the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy。完善市县党政领导班子和领导干部推进乡村振兴战略实绩考核制度,鼓励地方对考核排名靠前的市县给予适当激励,对考核排名靠后、履职不力的进行约谈。We will implement the system of liaison points for Party committees and governments at all levels to be responsible for the revitalization of gay rural areas。借鉴推广浙江“千万工程”经验,鼓励地方党委和政府开展现场观摩、交流学习等务实管用活动。A summary evaluation of the implementation of the Strategic Plan for Rural Revitalization (2018-2022) was carried out。We will strengthen the centralized training of leading party and government officials at all levels after the election, especially those in charge of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" work。

  (34) Strengthening the Party's rural work institutions。各级党委农村工作领导小组要发挥“三农”工作牵头抓总、统筹协调等作用,一体承担巩固拓展脱贫攻坚成果、全面推进乡村振兴议事协调职责。推进各级党委农村工作领导小组议事协调规范化制度化建设,建立健全重点任务分工落实机制,协同推进乡村振兴。加强各级党委农村工作领导小组办公室建设,充实工作力量,完善运行机制,强化决策参谋、统筹协调、政策指导、推动落实、督导检查等职责。

  35. We carried out all-round rural revitalization with a focus on all aspects。开展“百县千乡万村”乡村振兴示范创建,采取先创建后认定方式,分级创建一批乡村振兴示范县、示范乡镇、示范村。We will promote the establishment of agricultural modernization demonstration zones。We will extensively mobilize social forces to participate in rural revitalization, and further promote the "10,000 enterprises to revitalize 10,000 villages" action。A commendation and incentive system for rural revitalization will be established in accordance with regulations。


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