The effect of rice spraying Fupeng in Leizhou, Guangdong province was remarkable
Release Date:2013-06-08
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       On May 25, 2013, the manager of Hongye District of Jiangmen Yinghao Agricultural Science Company went to Buzha Minhui rice planting Cooperative in Fupeng town, Leizhou City to promote the technology of rice spray Fupeng to increase production。Rice growers CAI Xusong (240 mu), Zhang Zhiliang (50 mu), Zhu Liang (50 mu) saw Yinghao agricultural information, began to agree to each do 5 mu test。Through further exchanges, showed the Guangxi, Guangdong Fu peng production cases of pictures, they said that since the effect is so good, simply we buy Fu peng all spray, leaving only 2 mu for comparison。According to the instructions, in the breaking period, use 60 grams of Fupeng per mu (3 packets), and spray with other insecticidal and bactericidal drugs。12 days after the use, CAI boss called Hong manager, asked him to come and see, with Fupeng and contrast, the effect is very different。Boss CAI summed it up:
       First, with the Fupeng: the ear fast 1-2 days, the ear neatly, the green branch wax stalk, not easy to fall, the sword leaf thick, hard straight, the leaf refers to the day, the leaf tail is not dry。This kind of rice is sure to increase production, needless to say。If the booting period spray more than once, the increase should be more。
       Two, control: the ears are not neat, the rice straw is gray and black, the dead leaves are more, the sword leaves are green and gray, the leaf tail is easy to die, and the yield is definitely lower than that of the Penfupeng。
Many rice owners saw the demonstration field of CAI boss, all said that CAI boss with Fupeng used the right, increased production of 100 pounds should be no problem, part of the fertilizer pesticide money back, late rice must use Fupeng。


1. Large-scale demonstration field of rice Pengfupeng



Two, the right spray Fupeng, the left control



3. Demonstration households (50 acres)



Four, demonstration households CAI boss 240 acres



V. Control: The rice straw is gray and black, and the leaves are dry




Six, spray Fupeng: green branches wax stalk



Seven, spray Fupeng: green branches wax stalks, neatly headed, blade thick big straight, not tail。Contrast: the heading is not neat, the leaves are gray and green, the sword leaves are soft, and the tail is easy to wither。



Eight, rice Pengfupeng production demonstration field

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